Our mission:

We aim to make a positive difference in the lives of at-risk young people


our values:

We are motivated by Christian compassion, believe in the worth of every young person regardless of their background and have a deep commitment to making a difference. We give hope, long-term practical support and provide positive role models.


our approach



Youth Intervention

We reach out and help young people who are causing harm to themselves or others through street work, discussions and debates, weekend and summer activities, and individual mentoring, with the aim of:

  • Reducing the number of young people involved in risk-taking, anti-social or criminal behaviour.

  • Challenging racist and sectarian attitudes and creating a safe space for discussion and debate.

  • Motivating young people to make healthier choices in life.

We work in partnership with local police, community leaders and council officers our youth workers and volunteers identify and work in local hotspots for anti-social behaviour, underage alcohol and drugs abuse.

Youth Support

We provide long term, weekly support to at-risk young people, through local youth groups, residential trips, discussion sessions, wellbeing activities, learning workshops and individual mentoring, with the aim of:

  • Affirming young people, encouraging ambition, building potential and promoting self-worth.

  • Connecting young people with their community and encouraging active youth citizenship

  • Developing young people’s life skills and leadership ability.

We work in partnership with parents, local schools, community groups and specialist facilitators to identify key issues and deliver a tailored support and development plan for each young person.


We motivate young people to participate in community work and learning workshops using the Dreamscheme model:

work = points = trips



Board of Directors


David Nicholl, Chair

David specialises in providing high quality and practical training, advice and support for boards and board members of public bodies.

David Wilson

David has previous financial management experience within large PLC and more recently within SME sector.



Lex has international business leadership experience within the manufacturing sector.


Billy is the co-founder of Dreamscheme Northern Ireland, and has leadership experience in the charity and telecommunications sectors.

Eric Wells

Eric has experience as a director of CEF and working with young people over many years


Our Team


Stephen Mullan

Chief Executive


Jonny luke

Senior Youth Worker


Emma Foy

Youth Worker


lizzie brown

Senior Youth Worker


Ryan Stirling

Youth Worker


Stephen McCombe

Youth Worker


David Magill

Youth Worker


Support team

Diane Curry

Finance & Admin

Liz Cameron

Board Administrator



Volunteer team

We depend on the generous and invaluable support of our volunteers. We always welcome new volunteers to the team! Find out how to become a volunteer.