Dreamscheme Summer Preview

If you know Dreamscheme, you know that we are always busy throughout the summer. This year is no different. Our team has been working hard over the past few months to put together a fun and action-packed summer programme for more than 250 young people over the next 9 weeks.

Take a look at out month by month guide to the upcoming summer months, and see what you can do to get involved!

JUNE 2019

26th of june 2019

beauty and the beast - camp sonshine portugal fundraiser

TUDOR cinema comber, 22a drumhirk road, 7pm

This year we are bringing a group of young people to Camp Sonshine Portugal. This fundraiser will go towards paying for less fortunate Portuguese young people to go to the camp. Camp Sonshine is an amazing experience for young people and we can’t wait to bring a group out yet again!

If you want to buy tickets for this fundraiser, please send a message to one of our social media pages!

July 2019

Milltown Group Residential & Week of Day-Trips

During the first 2 weeks of July, we are busy with our Milltown group. throughout this time, we are taking the group on a residential to Tollymore Outdoor centre, where we will do various activities and stay overnight.


As well as this, we have planned a week of day-trips for the group. The first 2 weeks of July is a time when young people face a lot of pressures to take risks, try alchohol and get in trouble, especially around bonfire sites – so the aim of the week of trips is to divert young people from this environment for a while and spend quality time with them doing positive activities together.

As well as this, our Milltown group will be participating in various joint trips with the Roma, Braniel and Moneyreagh groups over the month of July.

If you would like to volunteer with our Milltown Group, find out more here: www.dreamschemeni.org/volunteer

15th - 22nd of July 2019

Camp Sonshine Portugal

Here we go! This year, we are sending another group of young people and young leaders to Camp Sonshine Portugal for a week of fun, learning and meeting new people from all over the world. Camp Sonshine is the highlight of the summer and we can’t wait for our young people to go and experience it!


2nd of august

supercup ni/portrush trip

Major throwback to a SuperCup NI trip a few years ago!

Major throwback to a SuperCup NI trip a few years ago!

This is one of our most anticipated trips of the year! This is the day when all our groups come together to go up north for the day! We spend some time in Portrush, grab some food and hang out together. Last year we even called in to Edge Watersports Coleraine to go on the inflatable assault course! After this, we head to the Ballymena Showgrounds to watch the SuperCup NI Finals. This is one of the most prestigious youth football tournaments in the world, with teams like Arsenal, Valencia and Manchester United all sending their brightest young talents to play in the tournament! We can’t wait for this one!

Edge Watersports.jpg

12th - 16th of august

the braniel/gilnahirk banter week 2019


Just when you think things are starting to slow down towards the end of the summer, step in the Braniel Banter Week. This will be the 3rd year of the Banter Week and each time it has been so much fun! We have morning sessions for children P1-P7, which run from 10am-12pm each day! These morning sessions include fun games and teachings, colour runs and water fights! There will also be evening sessions for older young people who are Year 8-13. The evening sessions will have the young people taken on fun trips and enjoying their summer nights!

For more information and to register your child, visit www.dreamschemeni.org/summer

19th - 23rd of august

DS Football camp 2019


This year we are excited to run our very first football camp! The camp is open to young people aged 8-12. For just £32, your child will get IFA qualified coaching, a breaktime snack and drink, football every day from 10am-1pm, not to mention the amazing opportunity to meet new friends and engage in a team! This is a camp not to be missed!

For more information and to register your child, visit www.dreamschemeni.org/football-camp


As you can see, this summer is packed out with amazing trips, events and activities that are sure to keep your children busy over the long summer months. As well as the events shown here, all of our groups will continue over the summer on their designated nights!

  • MILLTOWN/belvoir group - tuesday nights

    year 8-10: 6.30pm - 8pm

    Year 10-14: 8pm - 10pm

  • ROMa/botanic group - wednesday nights 7pm - 9pm

  • Braniel Group - thursday nights 6.30pm - 8.30pm

  • newtownbreda group - friday nights 6pm - 8pm

  • moneyreagh group - friday nights 8pm - 10pm

Thank you for your continued support! Have a fantastic summer!

A Week Review: Summer Dreamscheme

Our Summer Dreamscheme programme was funded by Belfast City Council's Community Development Summer Scheme Fund.

On the 31st of July 2017, Dreamscheme opened the doors of Milltown Baptist Church for the beginning of the Milltown and Belvoir summer scheme.

Following great success in 2016, the staff and volunteers of Dreamscheme were excited for what 2017 had to offer. It’s safe to say that they were not disappointed, as it turned out to be another great summer scheme. The week of positive activities allowed many more young people from the area to socialise, make new friendships, and to enjoy themselves.

On Monday, we began with some fun (and slightly embarrassing) ice breaker games, such as musical chairs, parachute games, “Bring me this” and various team building exercises, to allow the young people to come out of their comfort zones. Later on in the morning the team provided a tuck shop, which turned out to be a highlight for some young people, followed by time in the chill out room, where they had access to table tennis, snooker, Xbox, and different types of board games.

Belvoir Summer Scheme 2.jpg

On Tuesday, we began the morning by splitting the group up to provide a choice of activities. Those who enjoyed football were taken to the Belvoir 3G pitch for a tournament, while those who were maybe not so inclined stayed behind to do arts and crafts, which involved t shirt painting and designing. Apart from all the mess left behind afterwards for the leaders, this was a really enjoyable activity for the young people, and gave them a chance to access their creative side. The second half of our morning involved a trip to “We are Vertigo”, where the young people made full use of both the trampolines, and the ice cream available.

On Wednesday we held our water sports day, although it was the weather that provided most of the water for us. Unfortunately due to the constant rain that was hammering down, the team were not able to carry out all the activities planned for the day. However the Dreamscheme were not dismayed by a bit of bad weather, and instead carried out various activities, such a messy games, an “Angry birds” themed water fight, and to finish it all off a slip and slide. The young people arrived and left soaking et, so all in all it was a successful day.

On Thursday we began the day with a scavenger hunt, in which the Young people split up into teams and searched for clues around the Milltown area that led to the ultimate prize. The Young people turned out to be excellent at this task, and completed the hunt in no time at all. Later on the morning the team carried out various team games, followed by some time in the chill out room.

Braniel Summer Scheme.jpg

For the last day of our summer scheme, the Young people were taken down to Shaws Bridge for a morning of Canoeing with BAC. Thankfully no canoes sank, and the team left with all the young people that they came with.

Once again the Dreamscheme Milltown/Belvoir summer scheme turned out to be a great success, as it gave us a chance to interact with more Young people, to help them grow and to make friends, and to allow them the chance to have a fun and activity filled week.

The Truth Behind Anxiety

The Truth Behind Anxiety

Anxiety. What exactly is it?

We hear people often say that they are feeling anxious, perhaps if they have a job interview, an important exam - or even a big date! It is characterised by the butterflies in our stomach, our shaking hands, the awkward laugh that we do that sounds somewhere between a cat being strangled and an angry whale. It feels uncomfortable, unnatural, unnecessary, and the word itself is sometimes tossed to the wind in such a way that it loses its meaning altogether: ‘I’m really anxious’, or ‘I suffer from anxiety’... but do you really?