Dreamscheme is Ten Years Old!

On 27th September Dreamscheme NI celebrated its tenth birthday with a service in Braniel Church along with young people, workers, friends and members of the local community. Braniel is one of the areas that Dreamscheme has been involved in since its formation. Many thanks goes to Rev. Wonnocott for his kindness in dedicating the special Sunday service to the work of Dreamscheme. 

Speaking at the service, Billy McClean, Chief Executive, gave a brief report of the 10 years of the charity. Dreamscheme's Jonny, Moore and Jayne also contributed to an interactive, thought-provoking and memorable morning. 

The Great Dreamscheme Bake Off

As part of the children's talk, youth worker Hannah hosted a fun ‘Great Dreamscheme Bake Off’ which challenged two of our young people to make Angel Delight from some very weird ingredients...coke or washing liquid anyone?

Reflections from the Older Generation

A special part of the service was hearing from elderly residents from the local community about how Dreamscheme has made a change in their lives due to the kindness shown from the local young people. This was a real tribute to the hard work of the organisation but also to demonstrated the difference Dreamscheme is making in local communities.

“Keep up the good work, you are making a difference in not only young people’s lives but others beyond that”
“I really see a difference in the community since Dreamscheme came”

A special thanks to all involved and for the Braniel Church letting us celebrate in their building.

Find out more about the history of Dreamscheme NI here.



Jonny Luke @ Dreamscheme NI