Exciting New Youth Space Opens in Four Winds

Dreamscheme has opened a new centre...and we're very excited about it!

A few months ago, the Lisburn & Castlereagh Police and Community Safety Partnership approached us to ask for help in dealing with some anti-social behavioural problems in the Four Winds area. So far we have been able to build relationships with about 15 young people through detached work on the streets.

The centre provides a safe place for young people to relax, learn and work in.

While there are many reasons why young people get into trouble, one factor is the lack of a safe, healthy environment for them to socialise and relax in. After much thought, and exploring a number of options, we decided to take a big step and invest in a new youth space in the Four Winds area.

Our new centre can be found at 77a Saintfield Road, BT8 7HN, just above the Goodness Rocks cafe at The Inns. This centre provides a safe place for young people from Four Winds and Breda, as well as from Belvoir and Braniel to relax, learn and work in. We expect that the centre will benefit up to 100 young people from South and East Belfast over the next year! It will be a place for them to spend time with positive role models, learn new skills and begin to fulfil their potential. 

The new centre is full of potential!

The new centre is full of potential!

We moved into our new (but very bare) premises in February and are in the process of designing and furnishing the space. 

We need your help!

Your financial support will enable us to create an excellent facility for young people, including:

  • a creative and IT hub
  • a project work area
  • a relaxation and games area 
  • materials and resources
  • a coffee bar

We believe in the value and potential of this new youth centre, but we need your support! Help us set up our new centre for young people in South and East Belfast.


Stephen, Operations Manager @ Dreamscheme NI