Work Experience Report: Bradley Crooks

In January 2017, Bradley completed three days work experience at Dreamscheme. We asked him to share some of his experiences.


Why did you choose Dreamscheme?

I have been going to Dreamscheme for the past few years as one of the young people, but wanted to experience what it was like to be a leader or youth worker.

What did you do?

I did a lot of things. I organised and lead a workshop about healthy living and fitness, built Dreamscheme's email newsletter for January on MailChimp, made photo collages for the youth centre, and learnt about how Dreamscheme is run.

What was your highlight?

My highlight was leading the workshop. I loved how all of the young people got involved and had fun. It was a very enjoyable and a really beneficial experience for me.

Bradley helped build our January e-newsletter 

Bradley helped build our January e-newsletter 

What did you not know about Dreamscheme?

I didn’t realise how hard it actually is to receive funding. I thought you just applied for it and received it without a problem. I was surprised by the amount of work that goes into applying for funding and keeping Dreamscheme successful.

What did you learn?

I have learnt through my work experience how important it is to plan and be organised because of the preparation that went into my workshop. Through leading the workshop, I think I have also improved my leadership skills and confidence.

Would you consider a career in youth work in the future?

Over the next year, I hope to become a volunteer youth leader at Dreamscheme. In the future, I would like to pursue a career in languages or translations. However, if that doesn't work out, I am very interested in a career in youth work. 

Bradley, thanks for your hard work - and also for bringing plenty of 'banter'! 

Bradley, thanks for your hard work - and also for bringing plenty of 'banter'!