At Dreamscheme Northern Ireland our dream is to help transform young people's lives by bringing them hope, inspiration and opportunity. Watch our 'Stories of Hope' video to find out more about the impact Dreamcheme has on the lives of young people in Belfast.

Our dream will never achieved without the support of people like you!

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Our Values

We believe that Young People can do Wonderful Things.

Dreamscheme NI offers a Christian perspective and ethos. Through our work, we seek to bring love and hope to young lives. We believe in the potential and value of every young person, no matter how difficult.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Dreamscheme. It gave me hope when others seem to walk away.
— James, teenager

Our Aims

Dreamscheme NI helps at-risk young people aged 13-18 years grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society by providing a varied programme of positive work projects, educational sessions, as well as personal support and mentoring.

The six core aims of Dreamscheme Northern Ireland are to:

  1. Provide young people in disadvantaged areas with attractive alternatives to risk taking behaviours, anti-social activity, civil unrest and crime
  2. Connect young people with their local communities and encourage active, positive citizenship on the part of young people (e.g. through providing community volunteering opportunities)
  3. Provide the police, health professionals and the emergency services with opportunities to connect with at-risk young people
  4. Challenge racist and sectarian behaviours, combat prejudice and create a safe space for young people to explore ideas
  5. Affirm young people, encourage ambition, build potential and encourage a sense of self-worth
  6. Develop young people with skills and abilities to become future leaders in their communities