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The first Dreamscheme was devised and developed on Sheffield's Flower Estate by Geoff and Kate King between 1995 and 1998. Over three years, around one hundred young people were involved in community projects. 

Work projects included environmental, social, creative and personal development tasks. This WORK allowed young people to earn POINTS that could be spent on TRIPS and activities of their choice. 

the model: WORK = POINTS = TRIPS

Young people grew to become part of the solution to the shared problems that urban life on a disadvantaged housing estate presented. The scheme provided a new sense of belonging and enabled the young people to serve their community. 

There are over 100 Dreamscheme projects across the UK and the WORK=POINTS=TRIPS model has been established, tested and proven that it has a major impact on reducing antisocial behaviour.


Mural painted by young people in Milltown

Mural painted by young people in Milltown

In June 2004, Dreamscheme NI was set up by a group of people from Newtownbreda Baptist Church who saw the need to reach and engage with young people ‘on the street’ in the surrounding community.

Since 2004, Dreamscheme NI has been running a year-round programme of activities for young people aged 13-18 in the evenings and at weekends.  The project has involved over 500 ‘at risk’ young people from Belfast housing estates in work activities including environmental, social, creative and personal development tasks. 

The work that Dreamscheme does is having a positive impact in engaging young people most at risk and helping to reduce anti-social behaviour in the area. I wish that there could be more projects like this operating across Castlereagh
— Derek Martin, Commander, Castlereagh, Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI)



In May 2013 Dreamscheme NI was set up as a company and in March 2014 Dreamscheme NI became an established charity with the Northern Ireland Charity Commission (Charity Number NIC100033).


Seniors' Tea Party hosted by young people

Seniors' Tea Party hosted by young people

In 2017, Dreamscheme was a finalist in Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council's Mayor's Community Awards. We were nominated under the category for Community Impact.

Currently, Dreamscheme NI is working with young people from a number of housing estates in Belfast and Lisburn/Castlereagh, including Braniel, Four Winds, Breda, Belvoir and Milltown. 

Our vision for the next five years is to extend the reach of Dreamscheme NI, bringing hope, inspiration and opportunity to more and more young people who live in communities around Castlereagh and Greater Belfast.

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