In the past year Dreamscheme has made an impact on young people and local communities in the following ways:

Impact on young people

Feedback from the young people demonstrated an increase in self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.  There was also a heightened awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drugs and the ability of the young people to make positive lifestyle choices.  [Source: pre- and post-programme evaluations undertaken by the Senior Youth Workers]

100% of parents who responded to our request for feedback stated that Dreamscheme has had a positive impact on the confidence and behaviours of their children. 

“Dreamscheme has had a profound effect on the lives of young and older people. Indeed such is the transformation for good in some individuals that others have commented on it. Dreamscheme is not simply an organisation that transforms individuals and families, it helps to transform a community bringing new life, hope and purpose. The Braniel community is grateful to have Dreamscheme.”
— Rev John Wonnacott, Braniel Church

Impact on community

During the past 12 months, Dreamscheme young people have engaged in more than 720 acts of community service which they would otherwise not have done.  This included:

  • Painting over graffiti 
  • Picking up litter
  • Painting railings and fences
  • Making flower baskets and planters
  • Helping to organise Community Fun Days
  • Making treats for Senior Citizens in Taylor Court Residential Home
  • Helping to organise a Tea Party
  • Serving refreshments at a Community Association Halloween film show for young people
  • Serving Senior Citizens at Christmas dinner party 
  • Preparing and packing Christmas hampers
  • Packing items at a foodbank
  • Helping with a World War 1 play and Remembrance Day celebrations 

“It is great to see an organisation like Dreamscheme coming alongside our young people in Milltown and encouraging them to give something back to their local community”
— Pastor Will Warren, Milltown Baptist Church
“We were very impressed with the young people from Dreamscheme NI who served refreshments at our Halloween film show for children. It’s great that we can work alongside teenagers from our area and benefit the local community”
— David Parks, Chair, Braniel Community Association

Reduction in anti-social activity

The PSNI could not break down its crime figures for the specific estates in which we operate.  However, in a survey of 15 senior citizens in Braniel, all of the senior citizens interviewed were of the opinion that Dreamscheme’s work with the young people has resulted in a reduction in anti-social behaviour and 93% stated that relationships between the older and younger generations have improved as a result of our inter-generational work.  Three quotes from the survey are as follows:

“Since Dreamscheme came to Braniel, I have seen children’s attitudes change dramatically.  I have witnessed a decrease in anti-social behaviour and have got to know many of the young people myself”

"Before I felt that the young people had little respect for the elderly and are often misbehaved. Now they have much more respect and care for the community than I thought.”

"The Dreamscheme project has improved my relationship with young people. We talk about all kinds of subjects and have learned much."