Young People Can Do Wonderful Things


The South and East Belfast DPCSPs funded the 'Young People can do Wonderful Things' project which involved 47 young people from Milltown and Braniel between April and September 2015. With Policing and Community Safety Partnerships funding Dreamscheme was able to operate 44 diversionary activities, and 71 acts of community service.

Young people hosted an intergenerational tea party

Young people hosted an intergenerational tea party

This project sought to tackle issues of anti-social behaviour, drugs, alcohol, self-esteem, identity, hate crime among young people, while helping them reach their potential. 

The project provided young people in Braniel with positive diversionary activities such as environmental clean ups of the areas, drugs and alcohol workshops, and intergenerational activities. They also gained new skills and experiences through educational workshops such as video production.

Young people in Milltown participated in community work such as baking for senior citizens, clean ups of their area, as well as a Samaritans workshop, and educational sessions that dealt with topics such as drugs & alcohol. 


Before the project, 20% of the young people did not understand the danger of drugs. After the project, 60% of the young people strongly agreed that they understood the danger of drugs.
— Survey findings
The project has made me want to do more to community work as I grow up.
— Morgan
Dreamscheme has changed my attitude towards my community
— Bradley

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