Summer Intervention 2017

Dreamscheme's Summer Intervention programme for Braniel and Milltown/Belvoir was funded by Belfast City Council's Police and Community Safety Partnership.

Summer Intervention in Braniel

Overall, 30 young people were in attendance throughout 14 summer diversionary sessions held during both days and nights. Sessions were held at particular times throughout the holidays were anti-social behaviour would primarily take place (i.e. Bonfire season).  Some highlights included a trip to the Super Cup Finals and coasteering at the North Coast. 

30 young people were given the opportunity to participate in 9 sessions in which positive-social behaviour, including a range of community work, such as gardening and tidying. Over 25 different young people attended these events in which they were giving back to their own community.

The programme also provided opportunities for improved relationships between young people and local residents in Braniel. We had 15 elderly residents and over 35 local residents involved in a range of community activities. 

We were happy with the level of engagement and participation from young people, and have seen an increase in our regular Dreamscheme programme in September as a result of summer activities.

“I know my child is happy and safe while at Dreamscheme

— Parent feedback
Keeps my daughter off the streets and in a safe environment where she is with people who are good role models
— Parent feedback
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Summer Intervention in Belvoir & Milltown

Our Summer Intervention programme for Belvoir and Milltown provided 11 diversionary activities provided for at-risk young people over the summer period. Activities included coasteering, football and golf, as well as detached youth work on the streets. Through reports from young people, local residents, parents and elderly we received positive feedback about the programme.

An additional outcome of the programme was that three older teenage girls who have been part of the Dreamscheme youth programme for the past number of years became young leaders during the project and helped with small tasks such as keeping attendance. This is a great long-term evidence of the impact of Dreamscheme in this community.

My kids loved it. It has helped them get to know the local community better. Helping both young and old in the community
— Parent feedback
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