HEART OF BELFAST | Spoken Word Project

The Heart of Belfast project was funded by Hope for Youth NI, and involved young people from Dreamscheme writing, performing and filming a spoken word video about Belfast.

Through the project, young people visited the Oh Yeah Centre to learn about songwriting and receive vocal training. Dreamscheme also delivered a number of storytelling and film-making workshops with a group of young people interested in pursuing a career in the creative industry.

This project provided a great opportunity for young people to explore and discuss diversity in the city and we are so pleased with the final result.

You can watch the completed HEART OF BELFAST video below:


"I really enjoyed taking part in the production, mostly because I got to see all the different characteristics of the city we call home" - Jack
’Working as part of the media team has given me a great insight into an industry that I want do work in when I’m older’ - David
‘Through the project I was able to be creative and use my 'talents' in a positive way' - Bradley