Breda LCCC Good Relations

Aims of the Project

  • Encouraging Participation
  • Experience and a Wider Knowledge of the Justice System
  • Reinforcing Learning About Justice

Sessions and activities

The Breda Good Relations project was funded by Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council's Good Relations Unit and proved to be a great success as a total of 18 different young people participated throughout the project in a number of different ways. They worked on a graffiti board project in an attempt to improve the local area, and engaged in workshops focused around young people's rights, the justice system and racism, with young people exploring these areas and understanding the consequences of each of them. The local police also dropped by for a chat on anti-social behaviour and consequences. During the winter, we also facilitated after school drop-in sessions for five weeks reaching a group of local young girls on a Friday afternoon. 


Trips and rewards

As a reward for all the hard work and dedication, we took the group on various fun trips. Some of these included football nights, Xbox and table tennis tournament nights, Airsofting and also a great night at Need 4 Speed go karting in Doagh. Overall, these trips provided great rewards and supplied so much motivation for the group to help the local community and build relationships with the residents of Newtownbreda.


Overall, this project gave our young people the opportunity to really engage well with the local community and learn more about the Justice System, and also the role of the local police officers in the community. The project was a huge success and was enjoyed thoroughly by those who participated.