Breda PCSP Intervention

Aims of the Project

  • To Decrease Anti-Social Behaviour
  • To Provide a Safe Place for Young People to Meet
  • To Challenge Attitudes
  • To Improve Decision Making
  • To Increase Community Safety
  • To Increase Participation in Positive Activities

Sessions and activities

The Breda Intervention project was funded by the Lisburn & Castlereagh Police and Community Safety Partnership. Through the project, our youth workers aimed to help local teenagers begin a journey towards positive attitudes and healthy choices. Covering the period October 2017 to March 2018, the our team engaged with over 50 young people and delivered 24 weeks of activities.

During December the young people made hampers and Christmas cards, later delivering them to the local elderly home. There were also a series of workshops throughout the project. We had a debate workshop, and also some which focused on team building and communication. On top of this, the group had a workshop on disability sports coaching. We also had two guest speakers who shared personal stories about the dangers of paramilitary involvement and the consequences of anti-social behaviour and alcohol and drugs abuse.

Throughout the duration of this project, we had the opportunity to work alongside Breda Academy to provide 1-to-1 mentoring sessions with students who have been struggling with behaviour, choices, communicating and confidence. Alongside this, we have also been doing detached work outside Breda Academy after school on a Friday, interacting with dozens of teenagers every week.


trips and rewards

As a reward for their efforts on this project, we took our young people to PlayBall in Stormont for a football night and also organised a trip to Dundonald for a round of crazy golf. As well as these, there we facilitated various chilled drop in nights and table tennis competition nights.


As a result of the project, young people gained new insights and increased their understanding of the risks and consequences of anti-social and risk-taking behaviour. 

And towards the end of the project, local shop owners, police and community leaders gave feedback that anti-social behaviour caused by the young people in the area had decreased since working with Dreamscheme.