Mind Yourself Project

The Mind Yourself project was funded by the CLEAR Project and supported by the Public Health Agency.

During the project, 10 young people with mental health issues received 12-weeks of individual mentoring support within local secondary schools, while 48 young people aged 13-18 from Dreamscheme Youth Groups participated in a community-based programme of Take 5 activities, which promoted activity, social inclusion, emotional wellbeing, and learning.

Highlights included:

  • Swimming – young people of all shapes and sizes were comfortable in their own bodies when swimming together.

  • Cave hill outdoor walk – Young people enjoyed a full day with no smartphone access and built connections and friendships with each other

  • Circuit training – young people were sore afterwards, but all participants enjoyed the activities and want to do this activity again

  • Wall climbing new skill activity – young people had not done this before. They really enjoyed the new activities and the group gave feedback that they would like to try this activity again

During the project, 62 young people aged 13-24 also participated in 6x awareness sessions about wellbeing.  

The workshops provided young people with the right environment and support to discuss their own mental health, with over 10 young people speaking about a personal mental health issue for the first time (e.g. poor body image and feeling ‘fat’, anxiety attacks about dying)

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