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Summer '18

Enjoy a week of fun and games! 

Summer Dreamscheme Programme

You can now register your child for one of our Summer Dreamschemes:- in Braniel or in Belvoir & Milltown

Both summer scheme will provide a range of fantastic sports & creative activities PLUS fun trips.

Braniel Morning session open to: Year 1 to Year 7

Braniel Evening session open to: Year 8 to 13

Milltown Morning and Evening sessions open to: P7 - Year 13

Milltown & Belvoir

  • When: 2-6 July 2018
  • Where: Milltown Baptist Church
  • Morning Session: 10am-12pm each day
  • Evening Session: 7-9pm each day


  • When: 20-24 August 2018
  • Where: Braniel Community Centre
  • Morning Session: 10am-12pm each day
  • Evening Session: 7-9pm each day

Apply as soon as possible. Limited spaces available

Registration Form

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Terms and Conditions

1. All children must be 10 –14 years old.
2. Parent/Guardian(s) must adhere to the start and finish times of the scheme.
3. Children must not arrive any earlier than 15 mins prior to the commencement of each session and must be collected promptly at the end of each session.
4. Children must not leave the Summer Scheme unless the Summer Scheme leader has been informed in writing in advance by the parent/guardian.
5. Please ensure children bring a waterproof coat on all trips.
6. Daily places may only be booked on the day required provided the Scheme is not full.
7. Photographs may be taken of your child and used for publicity purposes but will not be accompanied by the child’s name.
** Medication / Travel Sickness Medication will only be administered with parental/guardian consent and all medication or instructions should be given to the leader. If your child requires travel sickness tablets, please ensure that you supply your child with them.